#020 : Philosophy of the Animatronic Bust development

Philosophy of the Animatronic Bust development

The internal structure of the T-STUDIO Animatronic Bust . You can see how I have put my attention not just towards the durability, but the aesthetics as well. This cannot be seen from the outside, but the soul of “Made in Japan” is the meticulousness even toward things that are hidden.

Philosophy of the Animatronic Bust development

Parts used in the Animatronic Bust. Here again, the meticulousness towards durability and aesthetics can be seen.

T-STUDIO takes pride in the durability of the Animatronics technology it has developed, to be able to provide its products free of defects in order to be forever enjoyed by Terminator fans across the globe. The props used in the movies have mechanisms built in to move the eyes, but those mechanisms are put together surprisingly crudely just so that it can make it through the movie shoot. There is no need for these movie props to be free of defects or to operate stably. Most of the parts used in T-STUDIO’s Animatronic Bust are either built in-house out of aluminum or stainless steel, or high-quality parts made in Japan. The control board is built off of a ready-made board and modifying it based on the research/development to mimic the complicated movements of the T-800. The mechanism for the eye movement has especially been engineered focusing on the stability and durability of the product and its movements.

As long as the Bust is used under normal conditions, the product should be trouble-free. However, since the product is a precision machine nonetheless, it should be handled with care. When shipped overseas, the Bust will be handled by a carrier that has extensive experience and expertise in shipping arts & crafts and precision machinery.