#004 : Eye sensor light emission (Part 2)

T-STUDIO has put a lot of careful thought to “how the eyes should light up/dim”. As for dimming, it is configured to fade out in approximately 5 seconds, based on the how the eyes dimmed in the last part of the original movie and towards the end of T2 (it reboots afterwards). Then how about lighting up? There are two scenes sequences in which we can see how a Terminator boots up. One is T2, towards the end the movie where the Terminator reboots. The other is the trailer for T2. The “T-800 factory” scene sequence. The former is the Terminator “rebooting”, so the eyes “blink a couple of times then light up”, whereas the latter is when a T-800 comes off of an assembly line and “boots up for the first time”, so the eye lights “fade in in approximately 1 second”. Since I wanted to give the T-STUDIO Animatronic Bust an image of it “given birth”, I did not hesitate to adopt the latter. A lot of products in the market today re-enact the dimming, but there is probably no other manufacturer that has tried to re-enact the boot-up/fade-in.

Reboot scene sequence from T2, and eyes “fading in” in T2 trailer

How the T-STUDIO Animatronic Bust eyes light up

How the eyes dim in the first and second movie

How the T-STUDIO Animatronic Bust eyes dim