T-800 Animatronic Bust from T2

T-800 Animatronic Bust from t2 animatronicbust from t2

There is no groove in the neck on this model, as this version is based on the movie prop from T2.
The cylinder in the back of the head is now a ready-made universal joint.
The eye lens is made from scratch, made out of transparent resin colored with black and red paint, so the color looks slightly different when seen from different angles or light. The teeth are made one by one out of dental resin molded from a prop replica that I had obtained.


Control switches

Control switches
Power SwitchOnce powered on the Animatronic Bust will reposition itself to its default position
START Button
  • By pushing the START button when in MOTION mode, the bust will begin the preprogrammed motion sequence once, and return back to its default position.
  • By pressing the START button for two seconds during the motion sequence, the bust will terminate the motion sequence and return back to default position.