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To contact T-STUDIO, please use the form below.Below is an FAQ.

Artwork Commission

As soon as I posted movies of the Animatronic Bust on YouTube, I have started receiving many inquiries from Terminator maniacs worldwide, mostly about how much it would cost and when I would resume creating the Animatronic Bust. Thus, I have decided to start accepting a limited number of build requests to respond to the passionate reactions towards the Animatronic Bust.
That said, I can only create the Animatronic Bust for people who understand that this is a piece of art and not a product, thus I cannot build it for people who intend to resell or who want to use it for product development purposes. The Animatronic Bust is a one-of-a-kind artwork, and cannot be mass produced.
Fill out the contact form if you have a strong interest in the Animatronic Bust, whether or not you own an M1 kit. I will respond back with an ID and password to login into the build request page.
Once the number of requests I receive reaches the planned build qty, I will stop accepting requests, with no plans to resume accepting future requests.

Technical questions about the Animatronic Bust

I can answer questions about the mechanism and parts used on the Animatronic Bust to some extent,
but cannot disclose any schematics or detailed specifications, which are “assets” to me that I had obtained over years.
Especially, the eye mechanism is a groundbreaking system based on years of researching, experimenting, and trial-and-error.
Please understand that unlike a company organization, I have no intent to use this for commercial reasons.

Original products

Since it would interfere with licensing, I cannot accept requests to create original products.
I can only accept remodeling requests of the M1 kit.

To see the Animatronic Bust in person

If you live in Japan, please contact me if you want to see the Animatronic Bust in person.

Links to website

Please feel free to link to the website as long as it doesn’t go against public order and morality.
Please let me know when you link to this site.