from T2

from T2 Endoskeleton

All the time I’ve been creating Endoskeletons which appear in the first film. However, there are a large number of T2 enthusiasts all over the world.

This is a version that I created according to their request. Though a base of M1 kit is being modified as always, I made the eyes red while un-lighting, and applied the universal joint for the cylinder-joint of the back of the head, then the Endoskeleton of the second reappears. As I wanted to respond to the request to build it “as cheap as possible”, I omitted the gimmick of eye movement and made only the head move. The remote control and the sensor mode are not being installed, and the silkscreen printing on the pedestal is omitted. I think I was able to achieve a big price cut. Whether you have M1 kit or not, please email me if you are interested in. I’m willing to listen to your problem as much as possible.



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